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New site!

We are happy to announce that we have migrated our site to a new platform that we hope will make it easier for us to maintain, showcase the wonderful products that are available in the MapSherpa catalog, and promote our partners.

For now, it is mostly a migration and things will look fairly similar to our old site, but we have made a few notable additions:

Marketplace: We now have a catalog page that contains products from all publishers. Previously, products were listed by publisher on individual pages, but there was no complete catalog listing. You can search for simple phrases, filter by map type (custom or print on demand map), and filter by publisher.

Catalog listing page example

Marketplace: The publishers page is now a single page with a filter to limit the displayed list to custom or print on demand publishers.

Publishers list page example

News (blog): We have migrated all of our blog posts and separated them into categories:

  • New Products: Announcements of new custom and print on demand maps when they are added to our catalog

  • Product Updates: Notifications about updates to existing products with relevant information such as data currency dates for the source content.

  • Announcements: Posts about other notable happenings in the MapSherpa world

  • Events: Posts about events we are attending

Product Pages: Each product now has an individual page containing its title, publisher, description, page size (print on demand maps), and sample image. These are accessible by clicking on the product image in either the catalog or publisher listing page.

There is also now a dedicated mobile layout for each page, and we have tried to ensure that the site is usable and attractive on mobile devices. mobile example

We hope that these changes will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for on our site - be it a retailer that is part of our network, or how current our MasterMap-based products are.

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