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The Team

Dave McIlhagga, Founder and CEO

Dave is a pioneer of internet-based mapping technology. The founder of MapSherpa, he has been running geospatial companies since 1998 with the bold ambition of addressing the shortcomings in map-based product delivery to consumers in their many traditional and modern forms. In the 20 years he has spent as a business leader in the mapping industry, Dave has brought to market a host of successful Internet-based mapping services and data products.

Today, Dave focuses on MapSherpa, providing technology solutions to the map publishing and retail industry that fill gaps not addressed by traditional map distribution services. He has built MapSherpa into an active and growing Digital Map Distribution ecosystem that connects publishers, retailers, and printers through modern technologies that facilitate just-in-time printing and delivery of maps to market.


Christy Nieman, Technology and Geospatial Content Manager

Christy has been working with the team since 2006, and is responsible for ensuring the MapSherpa delivery system and the content being delivered meets the needs of our growing retail network in a timely and reliable manner.


Christy also works closely with our publishing partners to ensure their content is available to the retail network in a secure manner that respects the high cartographic standards of our publishers.


Shawn Barnes, Technical Infrastructure Manager and Senior Systems Administrator


Shawn is the guy who keeps everything working and running smoothly. He’s constantly on the lookout for improvements he can make to the system in order to ensures the map data is safe and secure and that our server infrastructure is cutting edge, taking advantage of the most recent improvements and tools available.


Shawn has been honing his skills in the cloud since he joined the team in 2006 — working in the cloud before it was even called the cloud.

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