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The Company

Distributing Maps through Technology for 20 years

We trace our beginnings as digital mapping experts back to when MapQuest had just been launched, when there was no Google Maps, and GIS companies were just beginning to put out their first versions of web-mapping technology. We set ourselves up not as a GIS firm but as an Internet software company focused on delivering maps to consumer markets via the web, mobile and printed forms. Through our efforts, non-GIS professionals were able to get easy-to-use access to digital map content without having to master complex professional tools.

More recently, we have focused that experience into the map publishing and retail industry, with the objective of optimizing the process by which map products get to market. Along the way, we’ve opened up new revenue opportunities for our partners from sales of products on new mediums, sales of custom or personalized markets, and in geographic markets that the traditional distribution approach cannot effectively support.

The traditional distribution system doesn’t address the needs of today’s marketplace – and we’re here to change that.

We know it’s an ambitious goal, so we’re tackling it one map at a time. Here’s how.

  • We’re building a world-class network of publishers as our content suppliers. If you have content you would like to see sold through our network, we’re always looking for new partners!

  • We’re growing our retail network internationally with established partners in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and mainland Europe

  • We’ve designed a secure technical distribution network that ensures publisher content is available for print locally in a secure manner that provides transparency and accounting of prints around the world

  • We provide the tools to make custom and personalized map products from participating publishers

  • We work with a variety of printing and technology partners to ensure the highest quality system, and reliable in-market printing for rapid and efficient delivery of maps to market


Every day we are adding new content, new retailers and new delivery systems – so give us a call – we would love to have you join our growing international network of mapping companies.

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