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MapSherpa acquires!

We're very pleased to announce that MapSherpa has acquired and its large collection of mapping related assets!, with over 190,000 web pages of map and location centric content, and over 20 million visitors in the past year, is one of the industry's largest destinations for map-based searches. The site has become a reliable source of geographic information and maps for educators, travellers, and geography enthusiasts from around the world.

The website features an incredible diversity of content with everything from K-12 geography educational resources, to maps of unique travel destinations around the world, and everything in between.

MapSherpa looks forward to providing visitors with access to its growing world class collection of map publisher and spatial content, expanding on our mission to deliver the maps and mapped content people are looking for, wherever they are around the world, in the form that they want it.

This acquisition will also accelerate MapSherpa's plans to expand the number of publishers and variety of map content that will be accessible to the company's retail partners around the world.

MapSherpa is a proud member of the International Map Industry Association (IMIA) and looks forward to bringing new opportunities through this acquisition to IMIA members partnering with MapSherpa now and in the future.

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