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Version 3.6 Released

This release adds consolidated local currency pricing, retail price management, retail price display in Kiosk, improved filtering, sorting and searching in Kiosk. There are so many changes, we've documented them thoroughly in a separate document.


  • Added support for pricing in multiple currencies, initially USD, CAD and GBP. This means that all products' map fees are now in the local currency of the retailer. No more currency exchange rate confusion!

  • Added support for Retail Pricing. Retail prices are displayed in the Kiosk after searching or when customizing and display the retail price for the current map / page size. They are purely for information only. Retail prices default to 2 x MSRP but this can be changed through the Marketplace by downloading the retail price sheet, modifying the MSRP column and uploading it.

  • Improved the Ecommerce export file format and included the retail price. This makes setting up a store or adding new products to an existing store much easier as the price is now included.

  • Many improvements to the Kiosk search and filter capabilities, including new filters for scale and price.

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