Version 3.5 Released

This release overhauls the Kiosk with a brand new search capability that allows you to search products by place name. The search results are prioritized by best geographic fit and popularity of product and paper size. From the search results, you can preview the geographic area directly or customize the area.

More details about the changes the Kiosk UI can be found here.


  • The OnDemand API search methods now return results per page size with specific ranking based on geographic fit and popularity.

  • The Kiosk search interface has been updated to display search results by page size with ranking.

  • Sorting and filtering of search results in the Kiosk has been added.

  • The Kiosk search algorithm now searches the Ordnance Survey Open Names API for better results in the UK.


  • A problem where sample maps would be reported as sales in monthly invoicing has been corrected


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