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Version 3.3 Released

This release adds the ability to search for MapSherpa products by location to the OnDemand API. Kiosk now includes a search field powered by MapQuest Nominatim that filters products by the location of a search result. This is also being rolled out to the Shopify stores. There are several other minor improvements and bug fixes as well.


  • The OnDemand API now provides a method for searching for products by geographic extent.

  • The Kiosk now has a Nominatim-powered search box that filters products to those that are available for a given place

  • All MapSherpa products now include a coverage polygon describing where content is available. This is available through the API when requesting product details.

  • Templates only support a specific number of characters in custom titles. The user interfaces have been updated to indicate the character limit and enforce it.

  • In the Marketplace, the header row that shows the page sizes now sticks at the top of the page so you can see the column headers when scrolling through the long list of products.

  • The Save process in Kiosk has been simplified.

  • When placing an order in Kiosk, the Order Information page has been improved. In particular, you can now add and remove email recipients easily. It is also possible to remove all recipients if you are only going to download the fulfilled map from the Kiosk.

  • The Retail Sales Report has been cleaned up

  • The Help page now has a handy link to send support requests to

  • To improve the customize experience on mobile devices, the on-screen attribution is now collapsed by default.


  • The Kiosk / Marketplace title area would disappear in IE when a different workflow was selected. We've convinced it to stick around.

  • Wallpaper strips are now calculated more accurately. No more extra blank strips.

  • When an order is submitted but has not yet been fulfilled by MapSherpa, they now are correctly counted in the orders view as 'In Process'

  • Adding to cart in Kiosk multiples would produce multiple notifications. There can only be one.

  • A-Z A2 maps can be printed in landscape and portrait.

  • Eliminated some visual glitches that made it difficult to use Kiosk on an iPad

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