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Version 3.2.1 Released

This is a bug fix release that fixes a number of issues with the 3.2 version.


  • In UK Site Plans, clicking the magnifying glass button after entering a search term didn’t actually trigger a search. Now it knows what to look for.

  • Restoring a UK Site Plan did not restore selected property boundaries or the page size, now any newly saved site plans will restore correctly.

  • Tooltips from hovering over a product in the Kiosk did not go away immediately after clicking on the product. They have been instructed to do so.

  • There were a number of bugs with saving and restoring wallpaper maps. They have been stamped out.

  • When changing page orientation, the map area would include the previous area, effectively zooming out on each switch. While this is an inventive way to zoom out, the intended behaviour was to pivot on the center while preserving scale.

  • The term ‘NFR’ (Not for Resale) has been eradicated, everywhere! The politically correct term is ‘Proof’. Apologies to any NFRs that were offended.

  • In some special cases, restoring a saved map did not return to the correct map area. Those special cases have been treated specially, and now they are willing to work like all the other cases.

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