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New Print On Demand Maps: Mythical Monster Map

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

From concept Artist Peter Dobbin comes this beautifully drawn map. The Mythical Monster Map allows you to learn about the world’s astonishing-looking Monsters which are linked to country customs and stories in legends.

The Monsters exhibit a variety of characteristics: from the strong but unintelligent Troll of Scandinavia to the benevolent and extremely powerful Azure Dragon of China to the beautiful, magical forest-dwelling woman Madremonte of Colombia.

The Monster Map has a description of each Monster’s country of origin and of their characteristics. Each creature’s description is clearly labelled with a matching silhouette to correspond with the colour illustration on the map. The background Map provides the country and cultural context for each of the Monsters.

The Mythical Monster Map shows forty five Creatures from across the world and is available in three sizes from one of our retailer partners.

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Mythical Monsters Map

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