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Print on Demand Product Update: Globe Turner and Magna Carta Maps World Maps

Seven world maps have been updated for 2020 featuring several city-name changes in Alaska, Angola, South Africa, and Turkmenistan. The maps that have been updated are: Globe Turner

  • Classic World Wall Map

  • Classic World Wall Map with Flags

  • Contemporary World Wall Map with Flags*

  • Contemporary World Wall Map in Spanish

  • Legacy World Wall Map

  • Pacific-Centered World Wall Map

Magna Carta Maps

  • Contemporary World Wall Map

These maps are available for Print On Demand from our retail partners.

Click here to see the full listing of available maps from Globe Turner and Magna Carta Maps.

Contemporary World with Flags Sample Map

*Please note that the Globe Turner Contemporary World Wall Map with Flags update for this year is being listed with a new SKU, and is not a direct update of the existing product due to slight page size and style changes.

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