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New Custom Maps: Lucidmap Canadian cities and regions

We are excited to announce that we now have a wide selection of custom map products available with Lucidmap's iconic Canadian cartography. Create city-level maps of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and areas surrounding those cities; or regional-level maps for areas across the country.

Native scales for these maps are 1:25,000 for the city maps, 1:250,000 for the maps of eastern Canada, and 1:500,000 for maps of Manitoba westward to BC. Regional maps include detailed road networks with exit numbers; points of interest and land use polygons relating to national, provincial and regional parks; and other tourist information such as airport and train stations and traveller information locations. City maps add information including detailed local points of interest related to culture, community services, education and recreation.

These maps are available from our retail partners.

Click here to see the full listing of maps available from Lucidmap - Canada's leading cartographic solutions provider.

Lucidmap custom map sample


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