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New Print on Demand Maps: AGT Geocenter

Six new world maps and two new maps of Russia by AGT Geocenter are now available.

Three of the world maps are presented in artistic styles: retro style, chalk style and nautical style.

Looking as though it were drawn on a school blackboard using multi-colored chalks, the chalk map is extremely unique. It also has a reference index for easy location of counties and other features. The nautical style map features a unique color combination (white, blue, ivory and gold), while still being a detailed political world map. Both the blackboard and nautical style maps are available in English and Russian variants.

Two additional world maps are in Russian. The retro style world map features four insets that portray the changing political landscape over the last 200 years, along with views centered on the north and south poles, and maps of the night sky for the northern and southern hemispheres. Finally, the world physical map shows ground and sea floor relief, major geographical features and ocean currents. It is in Russian.

The two maps of Russia are contemporary maps of the country: one is a physical map in Russian, and the other is an English version of the retro-style map surrounded by historical information previously published in Russian.

The English Russia wall map includes variety of historical data such as places and dates of historical events, and founding of cities and towns. This map is surrounded by an illustrated time-line with information on all rulers of the state from Ruric to Putin and most important events of Russian history. The physical map of Russia shows surface and sea floor relief, major geographical features, major cities and roads.

Any of these decorative maps would make an impression in a home, school, or workplace.

These maps are available for Print On Demand from our retail partners

Click here to see the full listing of maps available from AGT Geocenter

AGT Geocenter Nautical-style map

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