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The Boreal Forest

Natural Resources Canada

Contained within the Atlas of Canada Poster Map Series, is a poster which shows the location of boreal forest in Canada. The two sided poster graphically depicts the importance of the boreal forest as a dynamic system of shrubs, trees, herbs, mosses, micro-organisms, insects and animals interacting among themselves and with rock, soil, water and air. The history and economy of the forest is overviewed from 8,000 years ago to today. The boreal forest is a huge, resilient and constantly changing ecosystem, driven by the long term succession of tree species and the animals which inhabit them. The poster map graphically depicts the challenges of sustainable forest management of this beautiful and expansive resource. The Boreal Forest Poster Map is jointly published by the Canadian Forest Service and Geomatics Canada of the Department of Natural Resources Canada and Canadian Geographic Enterprises, publisher of Canadian Geographic magazine.

Page Size: 39 x 26 in (986 x 659 mm)

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