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Boundaries of Eastern Canada; San Juan Water Boundary (1906)

Natural Resources Canada

Contained within the 1st Edition (1906) of the Atlas of Canada is a plate that shows five maps illustrating international and interprovincial boundary claims. Two show the Quebec - New Brunswick - Maine area, and another displays the Canada - Labrador boundary. There are two small maps showing offshore claims; one for the Bay of Fundy, and the other for the Gulf Islands (San Juan) in the Strait of Georgia. The Eastern Canada- United States boundary was commonly called the 'Marine boundary' from 1783 to 1842. There were still many disputes going on at the time, including jurisdiction of Newfoundland, the province of New Brunswick - Quebec and the United States, as well as Vancouver Island. The boundary indicating the Labrador coast was to be claimed by Canada. In addition, major railway systems displayed.

Page Size: 17.25 x 24.25 in (433 x 612 mm)

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