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Islands of the Antilles - Atlas of the World, 11th Edition - Compact

National Geographic

This collection of 30 map extracts shows the major islands of the Antilles:

Abaco Island, Grand Bahama Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, New Providence, San Salvador, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Tortola, St. Thomas and St. John, Anguilla, Virgin Gorda, St. Martin (France) and St. Marrten, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Monserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent,Barbados, Grenada, Curaçao, Tobago, Aruba, Bonaire, and Trinidad.

This map uses a bright, easy to read color palette featuring blue oceans and stunning shaded relief that has been featured on National Geographic wall maps for over 75 years.

Names of geographic features are carefully placed on the map to maintain legibility.

This map is found in National Geographic's 11th Edition World Atlas and is now available as a stand alone product.

Page Size: 21.5 x 16.25 in (540 x 413 mm)

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