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Cosmic Journeys: Missions of Exploration - Atlas of the World, 11th Edition - Compact

National Geographic

Explorations of the solar system have advanced because of human curiosity, the will to under-stand the universe, and sometimes as a matter of national pride. Advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras have helped map many of the planets and moons of our solar system—in some cases with more accuracy than on Earth.

Presented here is every mission of exploration completed or under way that has a goal of studying the bodies of our solar system. What once was the exclusive domain of the United States and Russia has grown to a truly international effort, including private companies as well. Recently, probes have touched down on a comet, visited distant dwarf planet Pluto, mapped the surfaces of planets and moons throughout the solar system, and delved into the mysteries of the sun.

This map is found in National Geographic's 11th Edition World Atlas and is now available as a stand alone product.

Page Size: 21.5 x 16.25 in (540 x 413 mm)

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