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Contemporary World Wall Map with Flags - Large

Globe Turner

Perfect for home, business, or school, this Contemporary World Wall Map combines bright, attractive colors with high-detailed cartography. Details on this world map include: international boundaries and national capitals along with other major cities; major physical features such as mountain ranges, major mountain peaks, island chains, and deserts; and major water features such as oceans, seas, gulfs, straits, and rivers. This map features ivory-colored oceans, a white decorative border, and the Van Der Grinten projection at a scale of 1:32,000,000. This 2023 edition map from Globe Turner reflects the latest census information for each city in each country, a new, up-to-date rendering of what remains of the Aral Sea in central Asia, and the latest elevation data for the world’s major mountain peaks. The world’s flags are listed in alphabetical order with the latest colors and dimensions used as approved by each country.

Page Size: 50 x 34.5 in (1270 x 876 mm)

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