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Environmental World Wall Map - Large

Global Mapping

Educational wall map from Global Mapping highlighting the threats human activity has on our planet has picked up two prestigious awards from The British Cartographic Society (BCS). It won the Stanford's Award for Best Paper Map with the judges comments: "Good symbology, size, does the job of clearly conveying the environmental issues facing our planet, a top quality piece of cartography." This informative educational wall map comes from award winning publishers Global Mapping. Pollution (including the devastating BP Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010-the second worst recorded), Deforestation, Urbanisation, Environment Hotspots, Coastlines at risk from rising sea levels are just some of the topics covered. Beautifully designed by top map designer Mary Spence, MBE, this map makes the perfect companion to 'The Dynamic World'

Page Size: 52.5 x 36.75 in (1333 x 933 mm)

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