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Historic Map of Africa (1898)


Full colour historical map of Africa from The Citizen's Atlas, published by John Bartholomew and Co. Ltd. in 1898. This map of Africa shows the continent at the height of the colonial era, when native rule by the indigenous population had been all but wiped out. Only Liberia on the west coast and Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in the east were free from European control. The situation was caused by the Scramble for Africa in the late nineteenth century. For clarity, an additional key explains which territory is under the control of the many competing empires in the region. Additional inset maps provide extra details about the islands of Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Ascension, St. Helena, and the Seychelle and Amirante Isles. This map is part of a fascinating collection from the last 150 years of world atlases.

Page Size: 16.25 x 12.5 in (413 x 312 mm)

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