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NOAB84 Foulwater Creek - Northern Alberta Topo

Backroad Mapbooks

This recreation topographic map for the Foulwater Creek area highlights all the logging and resource roads, multi-use trails for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, cross-country skiers and snowshoers, motorized trails for ATVers and snowmobiles, fishing lakes and rivers, recreation areas, campgrounds, day-use areas, viewpoints, backcountry campsites, work camps, backcountry huts and cabins and more. No other map for the area provides you with this level of recreational or topographic detail. New features include private land and labelled fish species and countless new roads, trails and Points of Interest. Also includes enhanced oil & gas resource information, Township and Range grids, more detailed water features and seismic line corridors. Covering 12,168 km2 (4,698 mi2), this 1:165,000 scale map measures 96 x 127 km (59.5 x 79 mi). Included on the map are Fontas River, Hay River, Little Buffalo River, Kahntah River, Etthithun, Cautley River, Foulwater Creek, Tanghe Creek, Werniuk Creek, Levellers Creek and more!

Page Size: 24 x 37 in (610 x 940 mm)

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