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New Print On Demand Maps: Global Mapping

Five new maps from award winning publisher Global Mapping.  A World wall map at three increasing scales and level of detail; 1:20M - 1:30M - 1:40M; plus detailed wall maps of the USA and British Isles.

The World wall maps are a classic design of muted colours and hill shading which gives them an antique feel. These maps feature insets of the two polar regions as well as an enlargement of Central Europe. The map include explanatory text about the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, as well as an Analemma.

The USA wall map includes railways, highways, canals, state and county boundaries. Hawaii and Alaska are shown in insets and the stunning terrain really brings the map to life. The British Isles physical wall map is of classic design and is ideal for schools or the office.

These maps are available for Print On Demand from one of our retail partners.

Click here to see the full listing of available maps from Global Mapping

Global Mapping World Map Antique Style

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