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Instructions to add POD maps from MapSherpa to your store

Following are simple instructions for manually adding a selection of print on demand maps to your e­-commerce store.

  1. To see the listing of products currently available go to Marketplace drop-down menu at the top of the page and select Retail Price Management.

  2. Select the Print On Demand tab under the Retail Price Management heading.  The table will switch to listing print on demand maps instead of custom maps

  3. Get the map details (full listing) by clicking on the Product Title (map name). Example: National Geographic, Afghanistan & Pakistan ­ Atlas of the World 10th Edition.

    • This page will list the details (information) available for that map, including; Title, Description (including Published date, Collections its associated with (used for filtering), Tags (if an ISBN number is available it will be available here),  Thumbnail, Large Sample Image, Dimensions, Product ID (the MapSherpa SKU), Map Fee (what you will owe us), and Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

    • All of this information can be used for creating your web store listing. Include the Product ID so that it shows up in your e­-commerce orders as this will simplify ordering the product (map) from MapSherpa.


* If you wish to get a listing for all available products in a spreadsheet form, go back to the Marketplace page and click on the E­-Commerce drop-down menu on the left. Select Download All Products for Magento (this is a starting point for any e­-commerce system, not just Magento).  You will be provided with a spreadsheet containing all available information for the products that are available for you to sell.

Fulfilling Orders­: what to do when you get an order.

  1. Click on Kiosk tab at the top of the page

  2. Click on the Print On Demand button under the Kiosk heading

  3. Search by Product ­ID -­ if this is for the Afghanistan & Pakistan product above, it would be ngmaps-POD10th084-1

  4. Select Preview in the product's listing

  5. Select Add to Cart and follow standard process for ordering maps from MapSherpa.

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