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NOBC15 Morkill River - Northern BC

Backroad Mapbooks

This recreation topographic map for the Morkill River area highlights all the logging roads, trails and recreation features for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, backcountry skiing, wildlife viewing, ATVing, snowmobiling and more. No other map for the area provides you this level of recreational and topographic detail. New features include private land and labelled fish species plus countless new roads, trails and recreational Points of Interest. Covering Kakwa Prov Park, Kakwa Lake, Broadview Mtn, McGregor River, Morkill River, Crescent Spur, Cecelia Lake, Jarvis Lakes, Kakwa Wildland Park, Jarvis Creek and more, this map contains new features such as private land and labelled fish species. This 1:85,000 scale map covers 3,040 km2 (1,175 mi2), measuring 50 x 63.5 km (30 x 39.5 mi).

Page Size: 24 x 37 in (610 x 940 mm)

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