The Northwest Europe Offshore Energy Resources Map - Tracking The Transition


The Northwest Europe region is undergoing a massive transition away from fossilised fuels towards renewable ‘green’ energy sources and a carbon neutral footprint. Over many years, since the first oil and gas fields came on stream, we have tracked this activity and released it in many forms. We ourselves, for over 35 years, have charted this activity and released it as wall maps and within GIS mapping applications.

Now it is time to re-look at the broader Northwest Europe offshore energy sources, combining all the established (and producing) oil and gas fields, the fields with future potential to come on stream with proven reserves, in conjunction with the fast-emerging offshore renewables activity of wind and wave projects, the locations of new carbon capture projects and the establishment of hydrogen production and storage hubs.

This new energy map clearly reflects the present hydrocarbons offshore energy sources and the new green technologies coming into play.

This brand new, fully revised and updated Northwest Europe Offshore Energy Resources Maphas brought together all the following features:

Regions Covered:
UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany (North Sea), Ireland, NW France and Belgium.

Offshore Energy Sources Featured:
- Oil and Gas
- Renewables
- Carbon Capture and Storage Projects
- Hydrogen Hubs
- Wave Energy Sites

Topical Energy Sources Data Featured:
- Operational Oil and Gas Fields with Operational Production Facility Type (e.g. Fixed Platform, Floating Production or Subsea Tieback)
- Oil and Gas Non-Producing Fields (as-yet no production or export facility installed)
- Depleted fields and decommissioned infrastructure status
- Shut-in production facilities.
- Wind Farms locations and current operational status (Operational and Possible) including ScotWind awards areas
- Wave Energy project locations and names
- Carbon Capture & Underground Storage projects and names
- Major Hydrogen projects and names
- Offshore Exploration and Development Licence Areas with Operator Name, Block Name / Number and Status (currently operated or licenced, or open block status)
- Well locations
- Pipelines - Operational and Future

Page Size: 41.5 x 58.5 in (1050 x 1485 mm)

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