Dave McIlhagga, Founder and CEO

Dave is a pioneer of open-source geospatial technology. He founded DM Solutions Group in 1998 with the bold ambition to provide customizable and straightforward web-based mapping solutions to the everyday outdoor enthusiast. In the 14 years he spent building his company, Dave brought to market a host of successful web-mapping services and data products.

Dave’s results-based leadership style combined with his extensive experience in — GIS analysis, Software development and Project management, have provided him with the right mix of skills to respond to complex business challenges with confidence and consistently provide his clients with high-quality digital mapping solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Today, Dave focuses on MapSherpa, providing digital mapping and eCommerce solutions to the map publishing and retail industry. He has built MapSherpa into a Digital Map Distribution system which brings together modern web mapping tools with traditional paper-and-ink cartography.

Tony Heacock, Director of Operations

Tony works with Publishers to make their map content available in the MapSherpa Marketplace. He manages MapSherpa’s Content Acquisition strategy and Map Publishing process.

Tony works with our Publishing partners to identify the appropriate products to make available regionally in the MapSherpa Marketplace. He is an expert in business infrastructure and manages MapSherpa’s business operations. He works closely with the development team to ensure accurate usage reporting and tracking of sales.

Tony joined DM Solutions Group in 2010 having worked previously at Adobe Systems, PCI Geomatics and Noetix Research Inc. He has worn many hats having held a variety of positions over the years including Partner Support and Supplier Management — among others. He understands the challenges and nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes processes that must all come together to ensure Publishers have a rewarding experience distributing content vai the MapSherpa Marketplace.

Christy Nieman, GIS Specialist

Christy joined DM Solutions Group in 2006, and is responsible for the maps in MapSherpa. As the principal GIS Specialist, she prepares content for both the interactive web maps used to identify a custom area, as well as the final high resolution print maps.

Christy leverages a variety of tools to tackle the data processing and cartographic styling required to create both vector and raster-based map products. She’s equally comfortable using off the shelf products such as FME — or engaging with the open source community to leverage any emerging geospatial technologies. Her core-level understanding of the MapServer mapping engine at the heart of MapSherpa means she can get to the root cause of any representation issues that arise, quickly and efficiently.

Christy is a multitasker extraordinaire, when not busy making map products, or when her servers are all running at maximum — Christy actively participates in the software development process, providing guidance on geospatial concepts, and feedback on user experience.

Shawn Barnes, System Administrator

Shawn is the guy who keeps everything working and running smoothly. He’s constantly on the lookout for improvements he can make to the system in order to ensures the map data is safe and secure and that our server infrastructure is cutting edge, taking advantage of the most recent improvements and tools available.

Shawn has been honing his skills in the cloud since he joined DM Solutions in 2006 — you could say he is an expert in cloud management.