Digital mapping experts for 18 years

We trace our beginnings as digital mapping experts back to when MapQuest had just been launched, when there was no Google Maps, and GIS companies were just beginning to put out their first versions of web-mapping technology. We set ourselves up not as a GIS firm but as a Geomatics software company focused on presenting geospatial and cartographic data to consumer markets via the web, mobile and printed forms. Through our efforts, non-GIS professionals were able to get easy-to-use access to digital map content without having to master complex professional tools.

Consumers still want paper maps, but not off-the-shelf maps, but maps covering a specific geographic area, and centred on a specific location. There’s a technology gap in available consumer friendly tools for map retailers to offer such a solution.

At MapSherpa, we bridge that gap.

For about 18 years now, we have been honing our expertise in the delivery of user-friendly experiences in a variety of domains. When you marry that peerless expertise of MapSherpa in web to print mapping with the world’s best publishers of map content and the world’s best map retailers, all together we can make these recognized global map brands the market leaders in the digital realm and generate new revenues through satisfying consumers demands for custom maps.

Why MapSherpa?

  • Nearly 18 years of exclusive focus on bringing map content to web and print for consumers.
  • A globally recognized leadership position in the use of open-source technologies — of which we have also been leading developers — to deliver web, mobile and print mapping applications with adaptability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.
  • A uncompromising business focus on partnering with map retailers and publishers to deliver map content to the market.