Product Update: UK Local and UK Detailed Topographic

February 6, 2017

UK Local and UK Detailed Topographic custom map products have been updated. The currency date for the OS VectorMap Local source data is January 9, 2017

New Print on Demand Maps: AGT Geocenter

January 26, 2017

Now available from AGT Geocenter: 10 Russian language maps of Moscow and area, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Europe, and the world. The city maps show street-level detail including roads, passages and postal addresses, while the Moscow region map shows the how the city has grown in recent years. The world maps present country profiles with information […]

New Print on Demand Map: Inspirit Cartographics Global Shipping Routes

January 25, 2017

A beautiful map illustrating land and sea relief, mountain peaks, major cities, and major world shipping routes is now available from Inspirit Cartographics. Land cover and relief paired with labeling of distinct geographic regions and mountain peaks provide the natural context of the countries and cities within them. Sea floor bathymetry along with undersea features […]

New Print on Demand Maps: Geo4Map Astronomical and Italian Wine Maps

January 24, 2017

Now available from Geo4Map: six out-of-this world maps of the night sky and beyond, and a wine map of Italy. Explore our solar system and beyond! Maps of the night sky, the Moon and the solar system are available in both Italian and English-language variants, while maps of the constellations of the Zodiac, Mars and […]

Product Update: Geo4Map Italy Hiking Map

January 9, 2017

Now available from Geo4Map is updated and expanded coverage to their Italy Hiking Map. This custom site-centred product provides beautiful hiking map coverage of the Piedmont region from Valsesia and Valle Anzasca around Monte Rosa, north-east to Val Formazza in the Lepontine Alps. Explore the breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, and unique cultural and religious heritage […]

Product Update: XYZ Postcode Areas, Districts and Sectors

January 6, 2017

Postcode boundaries on the XYZ Postcode Areas, XYZ Postcode Districts and XYZ Postcode Sectors, products have been updated with the latest version of the boundary data from November 2016.

Product Update: UK Topographic

January 4, 2017

The UK Topographic and UK Topographic-Fixed Scale custom map products have been update with the most recent release of OS Landranger and OS Explorer mapping data – Create custom site centred Topographic Wall and Folded Maps at scales between 1:12,000 and 1:75,000 for anywhere in the United Kingdom. Please note that this update includes a […]

Product Update: OS MasterMap

December 19, 2016

All MasterMap colour and black and white Wall Maps, and Site Plan Maps have been updated. The currency date for this data is October 20, 2016.

New Print on Demand Maps: Oxford Cartographers World Hexagon Maps

December 15, 2016

Launching today, a new suite of six World Hexagon maps from UK-based design-lead mapping consultancy, Oxford Cartographers. Using the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection these maps are built up of individual hexagonal units, and depict the World through three themes – political, physical and time zones. Two lines of longitude – 15°east and 165°west – […]

New Print on Demand Maps: Spatial Vision

December 8, 2016

Now available thirteen wall maps from Spatial Vision located in Melbourne Australia. Included are eleven outdoor recreation maps for popular destinations in the state of Victoria at a scale of 1:50K. These detailed topographic maps contain the latest road and walking trail networks; including walk ratings, distances and times, to aid in planning your outdoor […]